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Video Projector Installations
(LED, LCD, DLP, Laser)

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Projector Installations

Coza inc provides a comprehensive line of video projectors from LED, LCD, single-chip, three-chip DLP to laser technologies. With different brightness, size , weight and resolutions options, we provide the perfect video projector for every possible scenario. Our video projector solutions are ideal for large and small meeting rooms, classrooms, boardrooms, command and control, conference rooms and large auditoriums. With a large offering of mounting hardware, our video projectors can be installed in ceiling, wall or tabletop to offer the perfect solution.


Video Projectors

Single-Chip & Three-Chip DLP
Video Projectors

4K Laser and Laser/LED
 Video Projectors

E-Vision4500 Projector  imageController

LED video projectors require little maintenance because they do not have a lamp to change. The LED technology lasts significantly longer than conventional LCD video projectors. LED projection technology is greener than their LCD counterparts thus saving you money in the long run.

LCD video projectors are ideal for projects where budgets are a consideration. LCD video projectors are available in a variety of configurations assuring that a projector is available to meet any project requirement.

Single-chip DLP projectors cover a wider territory, ranging from presentation models adequate colors to video-centric models with superior colors.

Some single-chip DLP projectors offer a choice to select display settings that offer optimal brightness or color accuracy. DLP video projectors are best for displaying data at high brightness. Three-Chip DLP Projectors are considered to be the best in image quality. While prices if three-chip DLP video projectors

are typically priced higher, the higher price justified by their ability to create a bright image on much larger screen sizes
than 1-chip DLPs.

Laser video projectors are the latest in technology advances in video projection. Laser projection technology offers higher brightness and lower cost of operation. Laser video projectors will are impacting several applications including cinema, 3D projection, simulation and large venue applications.

Laser video projectors are lamp-free, and remarkably bright. Laser delivers a stunning picture from a stable solid-state light source, capable of producing over 20,000 hours of illumination. 

Combine the exceptional bright, long-life illumination source with a host of other precision features, and you have a projector solution that’s perfectly suited to a diverse range of professional venues


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