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Mounting Accessories

Flat screen TV InstallationWall Mount Solutions – A wall mounted Flat Panel Display can be an effective way to convey information to staff and clients, as well as providing a professional edge to your display needs.  Wall Mount Solutions come in a wide variety of models, and Coza Inc. can help take the guess-work out of mounting your Flat Panel Display.  Check the product pages below to help find the right solution, or contact us with any questions you may have.
flat screen tv installation Flat Screen TV Installation Flat Screen TV Installation Flat Screen TV Installation
Flat Wall Mount – Flat wall mounts provide an easy install, secure, and affordable installation solution. Tilt Wall Mount – The same ease of installation and durability of traditional flat wall mounts, with an adjustable vertical display angle. Pivot/Tilt Wall Mounts – Pivot/Tilt wall mounts provide a wide array of display options, including multiple viewing angles. Articulating Mounts – Articulating mounts provide the greatest level of customized viewing angles, while providing a modern, contemporary look.
Why Choose Flat Wall Mounts? Why Choose Tilt Wall Mounts? Why Choose Pivot/Tilt Mounts? Why Choose Articulating Mounts?
  • Cost Effective
  • Secure Mounting Solution
  • Accommodates Wide Range of Display Sizes
  • Ideal for Near-Ceiling Mounting
  • Secure Mounting Solution
  • Avoids Ceiling Light Glare
  • Adjustable to Ideal Viewing Angle
  • Flexible Mounting Solution
  • Ideal for Corner Installations
  • Highest Level of Viewing Angles
  • Flexible Mounting Solution
  • Ideal for Small to Medium Displays