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LED – LCD Video Wall Installation

LED and LCD Video Walls
LCD LED Video Wall Installations - Annapolis,MD,DC,VA

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Video walls are ideal for large areas where conveying a message is critical. LED and LCD Video wall panels come in sizes ranging from 20″ – 60″ displays. They can be configured in unlimited numbers and shapes. Video Walls are available in LED, LCD and Plasma Technologies with a variety of hanging options. The Video Walls have been used in lobbies, trade shows, command an control rooms, boardrooms, classrooms and other large areas.


Mosaic Video Walls
Flexible Designs


Traditional LED / LCD Video Walls
Clarity Matrix


Touch Screen
LED / LCD Video Walls

Planar Mosaic LCD Tiles

Planar Mosaic is the only video wall solution that allows designers to mix-and-match three different LCD display tile sizes (22″, 46″ and 55″) and shapes into unique arrays not possible with traditional video walls. With Planar® Salvador® – a trend-setting 1:1 aspect ratio square LCD video tile, Planar Mosaic provides unique opportunities for creativity with digital displays in the same form factor as other building materials. Planar Mosaic LCD video tiles incorporate energy-saving LED backlight technology and boast a thin installation profile of less than four inches, making Planar Mosaic compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

LCD Video Wall System

The next-generation Clarity™ Matrix LCD Video Wall System with G2 Architecture delivers a new level of visual performance for Planar’s award-winning Clarity Matrix family of LCD video wall solutions. This immersive, flexible video wall combines the industry’s thinnest profile ultra-narrow bezel LED LCD with improvements in design, installation and service, delivering on its reputation as the best-in-class LCD video wall solution. Clarity Matrix with G2 Architecture sets a new benchmark with a tiled bezel width as small as 3.7mm, outstanding image quality, simplified installation and maintenance and 24×7 mission-critical reliability.

Protective Touch Surface

Other implementations of touch systems for LCD video walls require a large piece of glass in front of the LCD to protect and provide a touchable surface. This glass can be cumbersome for installation, transport and servicing. The modular design of Clarity Matrix MultiTouch with Planar’s ERO technology that provides a continuous touch surface while ensuring ease of installation and serviceability, less parallax error and superior optical properties.


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Optional Hardware

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Mounting Solutions for Video Walls

Video Wall Installer Maryland, Washington DC, Baltimore, Silver Spring, Chevy Chase

Video Processors for Video Walls

Video Walls Maryland, Annapolis, Severna Park, Bowie, Towson, Timonium

Video Switchers for Video Walls

Mounting Solutions

LED and LCD Video wall mounting brackets bring your video wall to life.  Available in a wide array of configurations, ranging from dual-displays to 4×4 LED video wall grids and beyond.  The perfect video wall is attainable with our mounting solutions

Video processors

Video Processors allow for different configurations form an LED video wall systems wether you need several different images or one image to be displayed. LED and LCD Video wall processors allow for full control of content display, now your audience will see exactly what you what them to see and how you what them to see it.

Video Switchers

Video Switchers allow for the addition of multiple sources that can be displayed on your LED / LCD video wall. Video switchers provide seamless switching allowing smooth transition between content sources with-in the video wall. A variety of options are available that include RS232 control, IP addressable.

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