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Coza Capability Statement

Core competencies

Affordable and Targeted Audio Video Solutions

Capability Statement

• Audio Video installation, integration and control programming • Audio Video product sourcing


Coza approaches every project with value in mind by following our guiding principles:

• Provide solutions that are targeted, practical, affordable and rich in its delivery of AV content. • Ensure that the customer’s main need is met without adding unnecessary features and cost.

• Provide support before, during and after a project is finished to ensure customer satisfaction. Corporate data

Coza Inc. is a small business SDB-Certified AV integrator located in Severna Park, MD. We are dedicated to providing affordable and targeted audio video solutions.

Contact information: Coza Inc.

 Tel. (443) 994-5267
TIN: 52-228-0108
DUNS: 616-985029
Cage Code: 1stn6
Business Size: Small (SDB-Certified) Are accepted
GPC credit cards: Yes
238210, 541512, 423410, 443112, 333315,443142
5820 5821 5836 6730 5996 7735 9905 L059 L067 N059 N067 T016