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Welcome to Coza Inc.

Audio Visual Experts

“Pin-Point Solutions, uncomplicated Purchasing”

Founded in 2000, Coza Inc. has assisted over 150 government clients with their Audio Visual needs. We continually expand our GSA schedule and product offerings with state of the art Audio Visual technology, enabling Government Contract Specialists to reduce and simplify their vendor research workload. With over 25 years experience in the computer / AV industries, we can support you in compiling the products needed for your next Audio Visual project. Our products are available through GSA advantage as well as DOD e-mall and can be purchased either through Government purchase orders or via SmartPay (2) Government credit cards.

Our Growing Service

With our expertise in Audio Visual technologies, Coza Inc. has expanded its offering to include Systems Integration by designing and building Video Teleconferencing Systems and Flat Screen Video Walls. Our installations include flat screens, projectors, video walls, VTC cameras and matrix switchers, among other parts necessary for a full installation. Previous installations include Military Conference Rooms, School Auditoriums, Network Operating Systems (NOCS), Casinos, Medical Offices, Home Theater Systems, SSA (Fitness Room), Military Hospitals. Coza Inc. can also help configure and supply products for projects that can be installed and maintained by the customer.  Please call our sales department for help in selecting your product.

Jobs at Coza

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